Photo Flight in former LCDR Dave Goodman's experimental aircraft "Goliath".

Photo Flight in former LCDR Dave Goodman's experimental aircraft "Goliath".


Images don't just capture a moment, they tell a story.

Documentary photography is all around us and influences our daily lives; it is on the news that we watch, the papers that we read and the multiple feeds that we scroll through. Visual media has opened so many new doors and presented me with opportunities to push myself to new limits and gain experiences that I never could have imagined possible.

The excitement of new experiences and meeting so many amazing people are a part of photojournalism that I absolutely love. I have been pursuing a lifelong career in visual journalism with intense determination, driven by the passion that I have for what I do.

I have a bachelor's degree in both Visual Journalism and Anthropology from Western Washington University as well as a naturally inquisitive personality. Ultimately I would like to use the skills I have developed through both fields to create dynamic visual stories and to dive into new experiences. My primary subject interests are aerial and aviation photography, with a focus on military coverage.

Currently in: Lancaster, CA

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